Home Backup Power Using Volt?

J1772 32A Plug

Someone recently was saved by the Chevy Volt provided backup power to run cell, refrigerator and tv.

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” I am writing this posting from my cell phone while sitting in the driver’s sear of my Volt. Relax, the car is on but parked in my garage.

We were avacuated from the Outer Banks on Thursday, and drove back to Philly. When Irene arrived here she blew out our power, and it’s still out. This is a disaster for our household that has no idea what to do without TV or Internet.

But the Volt has saved us, recharging phones, PCs, iPods, an iPad, and a Kindle. With a mobile hotspot, we even have the Internet. Trust me, without the Volt we would be killing eachother by now.

To preserve our “emergency generator” we are not driving the Volt. In almost three days of hard service, the Volt’s range has dropped from 40 miles to 21 miles. But it’s literally a life-saver!!! ”

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